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The Power of Epiphany Bathing

16 Mar 2022   author: Marishka

On the feast of the Epiphany, it is customary to plunge into the ice-hole in order to strengthen the bodily and mental strength. And yet, if you want bathing to be beneficial, do not ignore the advice of doctors.

Epiphany Bathing
Epiphany Bathing

For the holiday, in specially organized places, "Jordans" are cut down in the ice as cross-shaped ice holes, where water is considered to be consecrated. If you have never tried this before, but really want to, be sure to consider the following recommendations.

  • 1. Dive in a shirt. You should not jump into the hole in a swimsuit, but in a shirt. This will protect against cuts, because sometimes sharp pieces of ice float in the water.

  • Prepare in advance the necessary clothes that you will need after swimming. Take a dry change of underwear, a warm terry dressing gown, a towel, and thick woolen socks.

  • It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to put on and take off (not with rubber soles as they slip) to make it easier for you to walk to the hole on the ice.
  • 2. Choose a safe place. Diving into an ice hole alone in the wrong place is the worst idea. To eliminate risks, choose a safe place to swim. As a rule, it is pre-organized, fenced and not too deep. Lifeguards should be on duty nearby. There should also be an equipped space where you can change clothes after swimming and drink hot tea.
  • 3. Is it necessary to dive with your head? According to tradition, they plunge headlong into the hole three times. But the clergy remind that this rule does not have to be strictly observed. You can limit yourself to diving to the line of the shoulders or neck - especially if you have problems with the cardiovascular system.

  • In ice water, there is a reflex narrowing of the vessels of the brain. If the body is not prepared, the outcome of bathing can be deplorable - from headaches to more serious pathologies.

  • If you are diving for the first time, then get out of the water after 30 seconds. Everyone else is allowed to be in the hole for no longer than 1 minute.
  • 4. Warming up is a must! You can prepare your body for diving into an ice hole by doing a light warm-up. Perform 10-15 swings with your arms and legs, 10 tilts to the right and left, several squats and rotations of the pelvis. You should be well warmed up, but not sweaty.

  • In ice water, a large number of calories are burned, since the person applies a lot of physical strength. Therefore, it is important to eat 2-3 hours before the procedure. Take a snack with you to replenish resources after swimming.
  • 5. How to quickly warm up? After your dive, put on a bathrobe and do some vigorous exercise. Then remove it and rub the body with a terry towel until it turns slightly red. Put on dry clothes and have a warm drink.

  • Staying in the fresh frosty air for a long time is not recommended. You should refrain from alcohol - do not increase the load on the blood vessels!
  • 6. No fanaticism! Before diving into the Epiphany hole, you should weigh all pros and cons. Do not try to jump over your head and do not risk your own health. Remember about counter-indications! The main ones include: vascular and heart diseases, tuberculosis, pneumonia, cerebral vascular sclerosis, skin diseases.
If something worries you, it makes sense to seek the advice of a general practitioner who will make the final decision - is it possible for you to bathe in Epiphany or not. Do you feel unwell on this day? This is a reason not to swim. Immersion in icy water is a serious stress for the body. If the person is unhealthy, then it will not only not have any therapeutic effect, but will also significantly worsen the general condition.

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