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The Magical Effects of Red Lipstick

16 Mar 2022   author: Paola

Red lipstick acts on men as an aphrodisiac.

There really is something about red color. According to psychologists, this color symbolizes vitality, life and energy. It is also the driving force behind positive changes and it gives confidence. In many world cultures, it symbolizes love, passion and eroticism, so it is credited with the action of an aphrodisiac. On the other hand, everyone associates it with blood, warning and violence.

a woman in red lipstick
a woman in red lipstick

There is no doubt that women dressed in red attract considerable attention. But do you really need to invest in a red dress, sweater, pants or coat? No, unless you want it yourself. You will arouse interest in the males even if you buy only lipstick of this shade. How reliable is this flirting trick? An interesting social survey conducted by the French psychologist Nicholas Gueguin speaks for itself.

Become the ultimate queen

As part of his experiment, this expert sent four women to the three most frequented bars. Only one of them always walked with noticeably red lips. And it was her that all men around invited for a drink and provided business cards with their phone numbers. In order not to inadvertently associate this phenomenon with alcohol consumption and a relaxed atmosphere, the appointed specialist decided to repeat the same experiment the next day in the afternoon, in a cafe. How do you think it turned out? And again, the "red lady" attracted most of the attention of all the volunteers. "Red color strongly influences male perception of female attractiveness and stimulates arousal. It contrasts beautifully with subtle facial features and looks attractive. Even so much so that it has been proven that waitresses who wear red lipstick get higher tips," - explains psychologist Nicholas Gegen.

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