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Rules for Safe Coexistence of Children and Dogs

16 Mar 2022   author: Marishka

It should be said that dogs, most often, are very friendly towards children. However, there are some breeds of dogs that, by their nature and behavior, are ideally suited for communicating with a child. These breeds include the poodle, pug, spitz, collie, and even the menacing-looking boxer.

But if you want your child to be able to get along with any dog, both domestic and alien, take your time to teach your kid some rules how to safely get along with the animals.

Kids and Dogs
Kids and Dogs

  • 1. A child should never run by or away from a dog. In this case, the natural instinct of the hunter may wake up in the animal, and it will begin to pursue the 'prey'.
  • 2. Even if the dog is on a leash, you should always ask permission from the owner to stroke the pet. Not all seemingly amicable dogs are actually friendly.
  • 3. You should not look directly into the eyes of the dog as most often it is perceived as a threat or a challenge.
  • 4. Try to avoid harsh screams and squeals in the dog's presence - it may get frightened and attack you as self-defense.
  • 5. Stroking a dog does not mean you can gather its skin into a fist or pull its fur. Moreover, one should refrain from jerking the tail and sticking fingers into the ears and eyes as children often do.
  • 6. When a dog wants to sniff you, it is better to offer it a fist rather than an open palm. Some poorly educated dogs may find it difficult to bite a closed fist, whereas with an open palm, fingers can be seriously injured.
  • 7. Any domestic dog should have its own closed space, where it can rest calmly from the annoying attention of children.
  • 8. You cannot approach the dog when it is eating, sleeping or playing with its favorite toy.

The sooner the child understands these simple rules, the more chances s/he has for harmonious coexistence with any kind of dog.

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