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How to Remove Cellulite?

16 Mar 2022   author: Marishka

Cellulite is a problem for many women, even those who are slender and fit. How to remove it?

Dimples on the skin of the buttocks and thighs cause an aesthetic disease called cellulite. It is commonly referred to as orange peel. It affects women more often than men. And it doesn't have to be overweight women. Even slender people have their own experience of dealing with this skin problem. How can you reduce the appearance of cellulite?

fighting Cellulite
fighting Cellulite

Cellulite is caused by a number of factors

Cellulite does not occur on its own. This is mainly influenced by genetic predisposition, a sedentary lifestyle in offices, as well as the accumulation of toxic substances in the body.

Hormonal changes, smoking, insufficient water intake or constant standing posture, and the age of the patient can also play a role. Extra weight can also be a factor, although even slender people can suffer from this problem.

Is it possible to get rid of cellulite totally?

A healthy lifestyle can be used as a cellulite prevention, as well as physical activity such as jogging or walking, or drinking more water, which helps to remove toxins from the body. Women often also try various creams and peels that are rubbed into the skin in a circular motion. Thus, they promote blood circulation and, at the same time, enhance metabolism. It is also good for health to take sauna, which helps prevent the appearance of unpleasant and unsightly cellulite.

However, neither creams nor peels by themselves are enough to completely get rid of cellulite. They will partially limit its development, but that's all they can do. Those who want to get rid of cellulite usually have to visit one of the beauty salons and take courses called lymphatic massage, lymphatic drainage or ultrasonic liposuction.

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