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Developing of Senses in a Baby Under 3 Months

17 Mar 2022   author: Paola

A newborn baby will not play with you as it is still busy with his or her own things. It is so small, gentle, and serene!

But the baby already distinguishes colors very well, especially white and black. Babies like to listen to music, but most of all they like to listen to their mother's voice, which has a calming effect. Up to two months, the baby has a reflex to react to sharp sounds.

Babies and play
Babies and play

For example, if you clap your hands to its left, it will immediately turn his head in that direction. Also, the newborns have a very well developed grasping reflex: as soon as something appears next to their small hands, they immediately grab it and squeeze in fists tightly. If the baby grabs your finger, it will hold it tightly for a long time.

In order for the baby's feelings to develop faster, your help may be needed. You can sing songs, look into the eyes and at the same time keep telling something affectionately. Give your fingers - they love to hold on to them. Give your baby a massage or just gently stroke this perfect little body.

At this age, the baby is attracted to all moving objects. You can hang a musical carousel over the crib and the little one will be delighted. Just be careful that it can't get anything with the hands. Everything has its time! Now the baby is attracted to all the surrounding objects. It is especially interested in everything bright and light. It will be interested in toys if you play with them. For the baby, it is essential to feel your warmth and goodwill while you are communicating.

Also, the baby slowly begins to explore and examine its hands. When you see that it is ready to learn something new, let it touch a soft cloth, or something warm and pleasant to the touch. When the baby's fingers are relaxed, you can put a small rattle in its palm so that it squeezes it tightly.

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